In a Year


In a Year

A lot has changed in a year and yet, a lot remains the same. My time spent on the site has increased to 12 hour workdays, and I’m spending more and more money keeping it fresh these days. Most of that goes to film, processing and camera equipment. And all of the funding for the site comes from the ads. If it weren’t for you guys visiting and the companies supporting the site, I wouldn’t be here, doing what I love and it’s photos like these that remind me of this, every day.

These two shots were taken last year at LOW, after my Portland to SF ride and now that I’m back in Portland, a year later, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I guess I just want to thank everyone for another successful year at the site. I’ll keep doing my best to bring you the best content from the best builders and shops. The world has really responded well over these last 12 months and I’ll remain dedicated to the cause.

PiNP is a one-man show that’s made possible by you! Thanks so much for the support…

Oh and yes, the rest of these photos will see the light of day soon. Promise.