iMinusD: Specialized P-Fix Preorder


iMinusD: Specialized P-Fix Preorder

Photo by Matt “Slumworm” Reyes

I know I’ve taken multiple dumps on 26″ fixed before but after pedaling around Tom’s P-Fix, I can see the appeal and to be honest, when Miles had a Villin Cycles months before anyone else made a 26″ fixed frame, I knew this scene was going to blow up. Now multiple companies are stepping up to the plate but no one expected Specialized to be one.

The P-Fix is one of the best looking and best feeling 26″ fixed machines I’ve seen and with the retail hovering around $800, you can’t deny the impact it’ll have. There are a few things I would have changed in the frame design after seeing Tom’s this past week (135mm rear and wider hub flanges) – but it’s a solid start!

iMinusD has a pre-order up, so hop on board with the rest of the 26″ fixed crowd. Personally, I’d kill to see a Tom LaMarche-designed 29’r P-Fixed.