Icarus Frames: Bi-Laminate Lugged Track Bike


Icarus Frames: Bi-Laminate Lugged Track Bike

Photo by Milica Wren

I can hear Ian’s voice now as his twists his mustache and puts a blow-torch to my face “when you going to post these photos Prolly?”. Well Ian, I wanted to wait until Monday morning! Ian, the master builder over at Icarus has a few new projects up on his Flickr. Two of them were featured in my 2010 Philly Bike Expo posts but this one in particular got some much-needed photo love. This bi-laminate lugged track bike began as a sketch and was finished in time for the PBE. It’s a gorgeous example of Ian’s craftsmanship and it proves that you too can play World of Warcraft and still lead a meaningful life.

Check out a close-up of the head tube lugs below.


Gorgeous right? I’ve never seen someone do that before. Check out more at the Icarus Flickr.