I Got a New Toy: Canon 7D


I Got a New Toy: Canon 7D


Yesterday, an early Christmas present to myself arrived: the Canon 7D. I felt like I had grown out of the Canon t1i and wanted to upgrade. Right off the bat I noticed a huge improvement and to serve as an example, I present these two photos. Both using the same white balance, the same light, and the same area of the house. On the left is the t1i’s photo of the MX-Leader and the right is the same bike just looking the other way. It’s like night and day! Larger chip, higher ISO and other features were worth the pricepoint of the 7D.


After borrowing a 5D from a friend last weekend, I knew I had to upgrade and the 7D fits my needs quite well. That being said the t1i and the t2i are great SLRs and I would highly recommend either to people wanting to get into photography. Just buy the body and a 1.8 50mm lens! That’s what I did and it was perfect!