Happy Holidays From the Radavist


Happy Holidays From the Radavist


Peace, love, stoke and bikes! Thanks for your support!

Last April, we relaunched the site with a new name, new writers and a new plan, yet we tried to keep that one message clear.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the support. Thanks to everyone who has ordered products from the Radavist. Be it a sticker, or a cycling kit. Your contributions keep the wheels rolling and will aid in funding future stories. Most of all, thanks for coming here, commenting here and, thanks for playing nice. I really want to continue to encourage a positive vibe at the site. The internet can be a frustrating place, yet I greatly appreciate everyone’s overwhelming positivity and constructive discourse. You make that happen!

I hope you and yours the best and we’re working hard to keep you entertained for 2015. Until then, enjoy your time off with your families, friends and happy holidays.