GS Cicleria: Velo Wooden Bike Stands


GS Cicleria: Velo Wooden Bike Stands

Bike stands are usually an over-looked element in bike shops. Pieces of metal meant to do one thing; keep a bike upright for display. In San Diego, a small company called GS Cicleria looks to change that. Using either Walnut or salvaged wood, GS Cicleria has created some rather pleasant-looking bike stands. Check out what they have to say about them:

Introducing the GSC Velo Stand. We have always wanted a simple yet beautiful stand to compliment our classic bicycles, so we decided to make our own. All of our stands are carefully created by hand by a master craftsmen. We did a small run of our stands using salvaged gymnasium flooring. Some of the wood was salvaged from the old Balboa Park gym in San Diego where some of the greats like Wilt Chamberlain played. Each stand is unique and patterns vary. We only have a few left of these. We can also do custom orders for our GSC Velo Stands using either maple or walnut hardwoods. For more information on our stands and to place a pre order contact:

I really like the idea a lot. You can pre-order them now with the Walnut stands coming in at $120 retail and the salvaged stands at $65 retail. There are more photos and information at the GS Cicleria blog.