Grom Rippers: Sean and Mike in NYC


Grom Rippers: Sean and Mike in NYC

Grom Rippers: Sean and Mike in NYC from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Sean Coats and Mike Dihn are in NYC for a few days. Yesterday I hung out with the two grom rippers for a few hours. While we were hanging, I shot a few clips and a few photos. You already saw two photos of Sean.

Check the rest out below:

Sean flying off the wedge at the Banks.

I didn’t quite get the proper X, but he pulled it!

Sean waiting outside a drug store while Mike bought a wrist brace.

Mike 180 bar’d this 4 set a few times. Super clean!

Definitely my favorite shot of the day. Sean blasting a 180 down the 4. These two kids are super humble and very talented riders. I’m glad they hit me up when they came into town. I’ll try to link back up with them this weekend and ride some more. They’re filming for a new project, so keep your eyes peeled for that one too!

Can You Guess the Mystery Rider?