Geekhouse Bikes: Greg’s Woodville & the ASA


Geekhouse Bikes: Greg’s Woodville & the ASA

Marty from Geekhouse said something to me the other day and it’s been resonating in my head ever since: “We are definitely on the dawn of a huge touring bike boom”. My Atavistic Urge to play on fixed gears lead me to ride my road bikes more and even brought me out to the track. Every time I leave NYC on my road bike, I wanna keep riding north and find a camp ground, or head South to see my folks.

Touring bikes are the great escapism. In the 70’s people would trek across the US during their summer breaks and the amount of young people touring now has to be at an all-time high. Especially when compared to previous decades.

Greg and Bianca from Geekhouse are setting out on a journey. A trip across the continent to raise money for “Autism Society of America” or “Autism-Society” or “ASA”. They’ve got a tumblr they’ll be doing from the road here: 100% of donations, you can donate from the blog, go straight to the ASA. They’re up to $1,600 already and we’re trying to get them to $2,500 before they leave. First two Geekhouses across the country!

From Boston to SF, wish these two riders luck and I can’t wait to see more updates!