Geekhouse Bikes: Gavin’s Rockcity


Geekhouse Bikes: Gavin’s Rockcity


Now that’s nice. This bike has a bit of a story attached to it. When I was in Boston, lamping around at the Geekhouse HQ, Marty and Greg told me about how Gavin’s Rockcity was a first for them. They kept calling it a Bike Build 2.0. First, they gave Gavin a tour of the shop via a webcam and the entire bike was designed via Skype. Since Gavin was in London at the time, various hiccups took place throughout the process. One night he was drunk and wired them the money for the components in GBP instead of USD. OOF!

Check out more photos of Gavin’s Rockcity at the Geekhouse Flickr. Awesome.