Geekhouse Bikes: Evan’s Own CX


Geekhouse Bikes: Evan’s Own CX


Did you know that Greg from Geekhouse goes around kidnapping cyclists from all over the globe and brings them back to GH Command Central to endure extensive torture under Marty’s steel fist? Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Geekhouse recently started a frame-building class and Evan is one of their out-of-state enrollees.

Here’s the scoop:

“Evan from Seattle recently spent some time in Boston with us for a one week intensive frame building class. For this directed study, Evan worked one-on-one with Marty from conception to completion of a really cool CX bike that featured a mono-stay rear end and a creative powder job. We will be offering more classes in the no so distant future- the best way to learn more is by signing up for the newsletter @

Solid! This makes the second bike from the Geekhouse chambers in Evan’s stable. See more photos here, at the GH Flickr.