Fyxomatosis: Concorde Aquila Road


Fyxomatosis: Concorde Aquila Road

Photo by Andy White

Andy, you devil you. Where do you get those wonderful toys? This 54cm Concorde Aquila road bike is stunning. The chevrons in the paint are crispy.

“Though PDM was a Dutch based team, the Concorde marque is Italian as prosciutto on melon. Out of the Ciocc factory, frames by the Concorde, Conti and Paganini name are all works of Pellizoli. All of them featuring the same cutout feature in the bottom bracket shell – just one of the signature touches. In the same way Dario Pegoretti built for Pinarello and subsequently established his own name, so too is Giovanni at the ripe old age of 69 years young.

Back to MG’s new ride

20 emails later, and an hour on the phone discussing the pros and cons of bar selection, gruppo and saddles – she is ready to go.

The Aquila (Italian for Eagle) was the top of the line offering in 1991. SLX frame and fork, neat internal routing of brake AND gear cabling. Concorde pantographed brake bridge, fork crown, head tube lugs and Columbus embossed head tube.

Equipped with Campagnolo 8 speed Chorus from 1991 – the exception being Record 1st generation ergopowers which came about in 1992.”

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