Fyxation: Sponsored Photographer Contest


Fyxation: Sponsored Photographer Contest

Fyxation is extending their sponsorship reach to potential photographers. Here are some details as to how you could land it:

“Photos of cyclists and their gear have the ability to inspire us, but behind every great rider or gear photo is a talented photographer. We wanted to put together a contest for the person behind the lens.  This is a chance for a select group of photographers to showcase their talents, win cash and gear and become a sponsored photographer for Fyxation.

How do I enter? Submit a portfolio of your work and a bio to info@fyxation.com by July 4th. From these entries, we will select up to 10 finalists that will be eligible to compete for over $1000 worth of cash and gear.

How do I win? Once you are selected as a finalist, we’ll send you out free Fyxation gear for you to photograph or use in a video. You’ll then have 2 weeks to post your work to our Facebook page. Winners will be announced on July 18th.

What do I win?
1st place: $300 in cash / $150 in gear / Fyxation sponsorship
2nd place: $150 in cash / $150 in gear / Fyxation sponsorship

All finalists: You get to keep the gear we send out for photos. (As a finalist, you are also eligible for ongoing product sponsorship)”

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