Freeman Transport: Oakley Jawbones


Freeman Transport: Oakley Jawbones


When I got back from Austin yesterday I had a ton of awesome products waiting for me. One of which was a pair of the limited to 30 pairs Freeman Transport collaboration Oakley Jawbones! I’m a big fan of military drab olive green and these glasses are legit. I’ve been a Smith Optics guy since forever but how can you say no to Oakley?

The Jawbones’ vented lenses are perfect for cycling. I took them on my normal 60 mile ride today and they didn’t fog up once. Swapping lenses is a cinch too and just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t wear glasses. There’s no better way to beat the wind than with some clear or yellow lenses. While the Jawbones aren’t the lightest glasses ever made, they sure made a stellar first impression on me! Thanks Ben!

Also, I got word that these will be available for public purchase shortly, so stay tuned!