[FRAME] Chapter Eight


[FRAME] Chapter Eight

[FRAME] Chapter Eight from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

With the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival in full-swing, the team at Flwrider sat down with Shizuka Kinoshita from the BFF JP offices. Here’s the run-down from this episode of [FRAME]:

For the 8th chapter of our FRAME series, we caught up with Shizuka Kinoshita on her short trip to Hong Kong. Shizuka helps out with the biggest bike events in Tokyo, such as the Bicycle Film Festival (BFF) Tokyo and with CMWC as well as helping bring the cycling community together through other events.

With helping out with so many bike related events in Tokyo and Japan, we were eager to sit down with her and to find out when we should be packing our bikes in a box and booking our next plane ticket to Japan.

Questions and credits are listed below.

1. Can you introduce yourself and a little bit about your background.
2. Can you tell us a bit more about BFF Tokyo and how you got involved with that?
3. What things do the BFF Tokyo team get up to?
4. Is there anything going on in the near future you can tell us about, maybe with BFF or CMWC?
5. How are you involved in it this year?
6. Where do you thinking biking is going? What do you see happening in Tokyo/Japan at the moment?

Special Thanks to
Shizuka Kinoshita
Karta Healy

Release Date : 7 JUNE 2010

[FRAME] Chapter Eight crew