Fixed Mag 08


Fixed Mag 08


THIS. Fixed Mag 08 is looking pretty nice. Here are some details on the cover story:

Patrick Seabase
“Mountains are different”

Cover shot story…
we set off very early at 4am, grabbing a free breakfast on the way at a mountain hotel… (just say you’re staying in room 11 and it normally works)

We were looking through photographs making the selection for Fixed 08, when we found a random shot of a supply road leading to the top of the mountain island, by the dam. Patrick had not attempted this descent before, as it is off the main road and normally he rides the 30km straight down without stopping. The surface of the supply road was super sketchy, pitted with pot holes, uneven cobble stones and crumpled tarmac making it almost impossible for him to control skidding… it was good fun and we hope you will like the end result.

Ian White

© Fixed Mag

Photograph – © Ian G.C. White