Feather Cycles


Feather Cycles

I met Ricky about a month ago through Nate. He was visiting from Leeds and was in NYC to ride BMX. We hung around for a bit, shot the shit and rode a popular spot in Brooklyn. Really nice guy. Kills BMX. Like to the point where you feel uncomfortable riding a silly fixed gear around him ya know? He was totally cool about it though and showed a real interest in track bikes. He even said hadn’t seen people do 180’s down stairs on fixed gears before.

That brought about him talking about track bikes. He said he and his friends were really into riding them and come to find out, he’s got a company now. Feather Cycles just launched and he’s got his first two frames posted.

Throughout the years, I’ve always found that the people who are humble about their work, well, usually outshine everyone. Ricky is totally that kind of person. I had no idea he was such a great welder or craftsman.

Seriously, the bikes look good man. Real good. Totally digging the head badge too. If you’re interested in setting up an order, hit Ricky up here.