Fastest for Now: Kait and Kurt’s FKT on the Kokopelli Trail

We’ve featured Kait and Kurt’s stories here at the Radavist over the past few years and today, we’re proud to host the short film, Fastest For Now, chronicling their 2020 FKT on the Kokopelli…

“Two of Ultra-Endurance Mountain Biking’s best seek temporary records in a timeless place. Traversing 137 miles of majestic high-desert, the Kokopelli Trail is one of the most iconic long mountain bike routes in the West. Wrought with as much challenge as beauty, the rugged Kokopelli provides passage from Moab Utah’s La Sal Mountains to Loma, Colorado. The trail is popular with day riders, bikepackers, and guide groups, and once in a while, a rider will attempt to complete the full trail in a single day. Athletes have tested their endurance on this trail for more than 2 decades, occasionally redefining the possibilities with Fastest Known Times (FKTs) that may have previously seemed impossible. FKT culture grew substantially in 2020 as Covid-19 cancelled most organized races. Long-standing records were being challenged around the world, and the Kokopelli Trail inspired many to test themselves across its desert miles.”

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