Fairdale Bikes’s Full Line of Products


Fairdale Bikes’s Full Line of Products


Around this time last year, I made a post about Taj Mihelich’s company Fairdale Bikes. Taj is a staple of the BMX community here in Austin and like a lot of the well seasoned pro BMX’rs, he’s got a love for bikes of all kinds. That was his motivation for beginning Fairdale. When I was in Empire last week, I saw their Parser and Parser Express (above) built up and they’re looking damn good.

Check out more of Fairdale’s products below!


Here’s their Parser bike, fitted with risers for a more relaxed ride.


Both frames come as a frameset as well.


One of the coolest products in the Fairdale line is the Skateboard rack. So rad!


And no company would be complete without a full softgoods line. I’m grabbing that trucker hat!

I’m stoked to see Fairdale gaining some momentum. Check your local shop for availability and pick up their softgoods here!

Introducing Fairdale Bicycles