Everywhere Around the World, Dudes Comin to America…and Canada

Kidding my maple brothers and sisters. Kidding. Equanimity, equality, etcetera.

In this episode, The Dudes make like Eddie Murphy and come to America. They make quick work of it. Then they go to Canada, it is here that the user experiences the highlight of the video, some whimsical found footage in which the myths about Canada are once again perpetuated.

While this segment is certainly the video’s strongest, one cannot discount how awesome each of these edits are as a whole. No tricky editing, boom setups, high quality equipment, or egregious use of slo-mo, just get to the point ham on rye production.

Mr. Barnes also bucks the current trend of including the guttural howl of discontent arena rock or the staccato machinations of dup-step by tastefully selecting a a wide range of pop culture hits to accompany the flat out speed blasting that is happening on trail.

These segments definitely feel like the work of someone raised on Fawlty Towers and the Sprung/Dirt vids and I love them for it.

Damn Damn Damn these are good.