eBay Gem: ’93 Cannondale Track Complete


eBay Gem: ’93 Cannondale Track Complete


What? Huh? I thought steel was real? I’ve voiced my opinion before about how I feel about the Cannondale track bikes and since it always pisses people off, I’ll be polite today, partially because this eBay Gem is going to fund a new bike shop in Denver. A reader forwarded me this auction to spread the word. All of the proceeds from the winning bid are going to starting a new shop in Denver. One that will focus on vintage parts and classic builds. I’ll always support that kind of ambition, so I asked him for some high-res photos to accompany this entry.

Check out more photos and the auction’s link below!





You have to admire these bikes for being solid race machines from the era when Cannondale made their bikes in the USA. I know people go ape shit over the complete bikes, so head over to the eBay auction and bid away!