DZR Strauss SPD Sneakers Contest Winners


DZR Strauss SPD Sneakers Contest Winners

Mikey Wally-PINP.jpg
Photo by Mikey Walley

Hey, what can I say, this took a long, long time to judge. Remember the DZR Contest I held a little while back? Well, I got over 100 emails and over 60 comments, all of which were great vignettes into people’s local bike shops. While judging a contest is never easy, I sure had fun doing it!

We already saw one of Mikey Walley’s photos and here’s another. Dude got himself and his LBS a pair of DZR Strauss shoes. Check out some more winners below.

Photo by Alan Tansey

Alan’s photo was taken at B’s Bikes here in Greenpoint. Alan and Alex both win a pair of sneakers.

Photo by Morgan Taylor

Morgan shot this photo at the Vallie Components garage. He and Lyle both win a pair.

Photo by Paolo Valentini

Paolo was the best international entry. His photo of Matteo building a wheel at his LBS Ciclistica in Milano is simply beautiful! Matteo and Paolo both with a pair of sneakers!

Thanks to all the entrants. You guys really brought the heat this time. It was a really difficult decision! Now I need you guys to hit me up with your sizes and shipping address!