Duke Riley :: Artist + Patriot


Duke Riley :: Artist + Patriot


Speaking of sea beasties, I had my last session with Duke Riley at East River Tattoo last night. He finished my behemoth and it looks phenomenal. There really isn’t a better artist for this job. I think it was this piece that got me excited to work with him.

Growing up on the coast of NC and surfing the OBX and hurricane swells, you have to have heard of the sandbars littering the coast referred to as the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’. These sandbars used to wreck ships and still to this day, can be a treacherous area to navigate. Sailors used to tell tall tales of giant beasts that devoured ships whole and killed the crew.

Well, this is inspired from such a beast. I found an old sailing chart from the 15th century and used that as a precedent. Duke’s handy-work did the rest!

Check out more pics here!