Don’t Steal Bikes Bro


Don’t Steal Bikes Bro

It sucks when your friends get their bikes stolen. Especially when it’s one of their only rides. Yesterday when Sara called me up super bummed that her bike was stolen this weekend, I said the same thing I always say, “I’ll keep an eye out for it”. Even with all the recent recoveries, it’s a bleak world out there. Bikes get jacked everyday and a small percentage of them come back.

Well, today was Sara’s lucky day! Read on below…

I was riding down Wythe when I saw a familiar IRO, on it’s side. It looked almost identical to Sara’s, sans the missing top tube pad. I called her up and she confirmed all the details, down the lock used. Turns out, the thief had picked her lock and rode it to Williamsburg to lock it back up to a sign on a side-street. The lock hadn’t been cut, just picked, so all she had to do was bring the keys. I quickly threw my U-lock on it and waited for her to get there.

She’s one happy girl today and now all she needs is a better lock!