Dicky Graham Childism


Dicky Graham Childism

Dicky Graham in a nutshell is an artist hat uses found objects to make sculptures of animals. The snail sculpture above seemed relevant to post. His website goes into further detail:

Using a combination of found utensils and apparatus to create his works, Dicky Graham recreates a family of animals that peer through eyes of light bulbs, that pull tongues with the finger tips of red gloves and walk along with the keys of old piano’s. His Character-filled works nod to Marcel Duchamp’s ready-mades and also reveal the idiosyncrasies of objects in our everyday lives through their imperceptible and overlooked details. As 1917 magazine The Blind Man established: ‘Whether Mr Mutt with his own hands made the fountain or not has no importance… He took an ordinary article of life… created a new thought for that object.’

View the rest of his work here.

Thanks Zack!