Deep Custom Trailer


Deep Custom Trailer

Some Minneapolis locals put together a documentary on Erik Noren of Peacock Groove. Here are the details:

“SEE DEEP CUSTOM in its entirety, at the Jungle Theater on 12/12/11 at 7pm. Admission is free. Beer isn’t. Just show up. For details, check the Facebook event page.

Deep Custom was conceived when Art Director Tony Franklin (of and Photographer T.C. Worley ( decided to collaborate on a personal project together. Believing their best creations were those unpaid “labor of love” jobs, they embarked to construct something born of passion, and not monetary gain.

Erik Noren, owner of Peacock Groove Custom Cycles was the clear choice for the film’s subject as he embodied this same passion in his bicycle building. No vacations, few days off and even moving into his parents home for a time were all sacrifices he has been willing to make to keep his small shop afloat.

The duo spent the better part of the Summer 2011 filming on weekends and in their free time. A strong theme of giving surrounds this film, as each side contributed time and talent to make this project a success.

This was their first motion project together, but will not be their last. Look for their new production company RoyalAntler to be born soon.”

See at Bike Jerks.