Dano Archibee: MidWest Mayhem 2 Photos #MWM2


Dano Archibee: MidWest Mayhem 2 Photos #MWM2

Photo by Dano Archibee

Aside from COG’s coverage, the only other photos I’ve seen from MidWest Mayhem 2 have been these ones that Dano emailed me on Sunday. Wanting them to get some much-needed exposure on a busy day, I decided to hold them to post them today! These are sick. Not only do they capture the ambiance of the 4Seasons Park, they catch each rider’s nuanced styles.

Check out more below!


So sick! I wish I was there! Check out the rest of Dano’s photos here on her Flickr! This event is what our sport needs: grassroots, rider-thrown and judged comps. I really wanna throw a SouthWest Mayhem here in Austin, Texas.