Dalek and Delta Exhibition at Elms Lesters Painting Room


Dalek and Delta Exhibition at Elms Lesters Painting Room

Delta is by far my favorite artists. Not graffiti or street artist, just artist. I met Boris Tellegen in Amsterdam about 6 years ago. Prior to that, I had found his work in a Dutch architecture magazine. He went to industrial design school and began to explore 3D tessellations and installations.

These are some pics from his and Dalek’s exhibition.

Although both artists’ work appears to have similarities with its underlying geometric themes, it is diametrically opposed “Marshall’s use of straight line and colour is all to do with the “super flat” surface and the ambiguity of the exaggerated optical perspectives, while Tellegen’s focus is on surface, texture and shadows,’ said curator Paul Jones in a recent interview with DESIGN WEEK ‘While I have exhibited both artists within larger group shows, I thought this two-man show would challenge and stimulate viewers’

Amsterdam based Boris Tellegen will be showing an impressive body of new works including canvases, collages and some new 3D sculptural wall pieces from his evolving ‘diversion’ series..

..and juxtaposed will be a selection of American artist James Marshall’s meticulous geometric paintings, including a large scale, site specific installation painted during a recent residency at the gallery.

Such amazing work!

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