Cyclops Bicycles: Mike Was CVLT Before It Was Cool


Cyclops Bicycles: Mike Was CVLT Before It Was Cool


To everyone who wears runes, sacred geometries and other occult symbols on your shirts (myself included), Mike Mulholland was way ahead of the curve and if you ever get a road bike, this is what you need to hunt for. Mike first started making bicycles under the Cyclops name when in 1983 he purchased Lovell Bikes in Toronto. From there, he lead a life that many would call OCD, racing cross and road, making custom bicycles for clients and toying with various paint job and exquisite detailing. Since Mike’s death in 2005, these bikes have achieved a cult-like following.

Wanna see more from Cyclops? Well, it’s not an easy find. You can scour the web and turn up a few results:

Bike Cult
My Ten Speeds

Coincidentally, the bike featured in the My Ten Speeds article is now up on eBay. This one is legit, but be wary of eBay auctions that lack detailed photos of lugwork. Mike often painted bicycles that were not actually Cyclops to look like a Cyclops. The only signifier was a small decal that would state “Paint by Cyclops”.

Every time I pass up one on eBay I kick myself later!