I just got an email from Cyclic! In Amsterdam, telling me of an event that’s springing up this weekend!

A hobby and meeting of two creatives that has got out of hand > turned exhibition event next weekend in Amsterdam.
We (Vera & Cheryl) are two biking buddies that thought a diy exhibition about cycle culture would be fun to organise for the biking community here in Amsterdam.

cyclic! is a bicycle » art » media happening celebrating cycling culture. Exhibiting bicycle inspired artwork, design, performance, film screening, styling and a meet up & ride.
One of our exhibiting artists is Mat the Horse whose work I discovered on your blog.

artists exhibiting/performing » Bitches in Control, Brent Humphreys (Project le Tour), Cafe Velo, Erosie, fotoduda, Gabriel Kousbroek, Kapitein Roodbaard (Amsterdam Fixxxed), Lovelilalee, Magieke Jansen, Matthew The Horse, Oorbeek, Vera van de Nieuwenhof, Wheels-on-Fire,Tim Ayres, Vindersloon, Zelda Beauchampet.