Creux Cycling: Detour Shorts


Creux Cycling: Detour Shorts

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I had the pleasure of meeting Van from Creux Cycling while I was in Melbourne. He gave me some gear, which I have to wait until it’s a bit cooler here in Austin to wear but these new Detour shorts came in just in time for some late summer rides. Check out more details below!


-Cycling specific cut with a high back and lower front
-Double reinforced crotch and rear for increased durability
-Light chamois providing you a little padding for all day riding comfort
-Stretch Fabric with 8% spandex for increased pedal efficiency and mobility
-Inbuilt D-Lock holder via two ergonomically placed restraining loops
-Caribena clip and rear pocket hock
-Rear zip pocket for additional storage with an easy access zip pull
-Back pockets reinforced with extra layer of fabric to offset high stress points and to prevent premature wear

Swoop a pair here!