Core77 Dutchmaster


Core77 Dutchmaster

This bike reminds me of one of the old hacked-up ballon-tire beach cruisers that early mountain bikers used to thrash old fire trails on back before mountain bikes were a staple of the cycling world. Really really rad. Text and pics below by Core77. Be sure to catch the launch party at the Apple Store in SoHo. 3pm…

Today, Core77 proudly introduces a limited edition bicycle–named the “Dutch Master”–celebrating New York bike culture and a heritage of local manufacturing.

The Dutch Master is based on the beloved Worksman cruiser frame–a workhorse foundation used throughout the New York delivery community, and manufactured in Queens, New York for over 110 years. Core77 customized the frame, fitting it out with a carefully curated set of components, each with its own story.

The bike was hand-built by KT Higgins, a Brooklyn-based ex-bike messenger (infamous for her crash in the movie Pedal), and proprietor of Bushwick Bike Shop, her one-year-old bikeshop in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn.