Cooper’s Colnago


Cooper’s Colnago


Sure, you may have seen this on Flwrider but you can’t just pull something off the NYC boards without giving some background! No offense to Brian, but this bike deserves more than “Master” under the title. Cooper spent months perfecting this build. Sure, the wheels are heavy and overrated and that’s a 7-Eleven saddle on it but damn, this is one fine-ass-hell Colnago Master.

Check out more photos below as well as more background on the bike.

20110208colnagomaster00 (2).jpg



Cooper’s been an active presence in the NYC scene for a few years. He got seriously into racing, in the junior CRCA circuit and as I mentioned, spent months pulling this bike together. I’m not even sure he rode it at all. The thing is pristine. So now Cooper’s found his calling in photography and has decided to sell some of his luxury items (read: Colnago Master) to buy more lenses for his portrait photography.

Expect to see this up on eBay shortly and in the meantime, check out Cooper’s work here.