Circles and Terasu

Great job, guys!

“From solemn overlooks to raucous gourmet meals over bonfires, the two days of Ride Alive meander like the routes they follow. Groups clamor up hiking trails and paddleboard en masse. Rie Sawada is moved by nature as surely as she moves through it.
Many people talk about whether they prefer beach vacations or trips to the mountains. Some like both. They each offer their own sense of scale, their own forces of nature to cooperate and collaborate with. The tides are moved by the moon’s gravity, as we climb and descend mountains, we’re moved by the earth’s. To choose land or sea is to miss the point. Only by considering the whole can we truly appreciate the parts.On Ride Alive, participants work individually towards a common goal. Communal campouts at the end of a day of individual exploration, a convivial toast to adventurous solitude. ”

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