Christopher Stricklen for Wahoo’s Why I Roam Series

“I think a photograph communicates a certain idea, a certain expression, and usually it’s just part of a bigger thought.”

For photographer Christopher Stricklen, the moments he captures in cycling are bigger than the ride itself. While bikes may be present in his images, Christopher’s true focus surrounds the emotion and experience of riding — all moments in time, frozen in photograph.

However, Christopher’s journey as a photographer didn’t start on the bike. With a background in landscape, architecture, and street photography, he began to notice parallels in the subjects he was most comfortable photographing and elements inherent in cycling.

This realization allowed him to seamlessly blend his passion for photography with his love for the bike. Hear more of Christopher’s story in the fourth episode of Why I ROAM – a short film series centered around five Wahooligans and what motivates them to get out and explore.