Chris King Announces Micro Spline for R45D Hubs


Chris King Announces Micro Spline for R45D Hubs

Chris King has announced the release of new Micro Spline drivers for their market-leading R45D hubs, available January 1st from all Chris King retailers. Check out all the info below!

Shimano’s Micro Spline technology improves engagement in the freehub, with 23 closely spaced splines driving the cassette. Coupled with Chris King’s own R45D hubs, which take a similar approach to consistent engagement, the new Micro Spline drivers produce an unparalleled ride experience.

The new drivers are compatible with all King Centerlock and 6-bolt (Gen 2) R45D hubs, which already support Shimano HG EV along with SRAM XDR systems. King’s Micro Spline drivers will be available in silver and black.


  • Compatible with all centerlock R45D versions and Gen. 2 6-bolt hubs, including those with serial numbers starting at 691XXXXX.
  • Compatible with Mountain cassettes. Utilizes Shimano’s wide range cassettes for gravel use and the 23 splines.
  • With this addition, R45D hubs are compatible with Shimano HG, XD/XDR, and Micro Spline 12.
  • Available in black and silver
  • $250 USD

See more at Chris King.