Campagnolo’s Ekar GT 1×13 Groupset Sports a Wider Range Cassette


Campagnolo’s Ekar GT 1×13 Groupset Sports a Wider Range Cassette

Campagnolo’s Ekar 1×13 groupset intrigued us when John first rode it in his Cotic Escapade review. It’s a crisp-shifting, wide range gravel group that shifts like the almighty Campy 8-speed drivetrains. Announced today is the Ekar GT 1×13 Groupset with a new 10-48 cassette, lower price, revised hood ergonomics, and new Zonda GT Wheels. Let’s check it all out below…

Ekar GT Quick Hits

  • All Aluminum crankset: 170, 172.5, 175 Lengths, with 151mm Q-Factor
    ​- 104mm BCD, 44, 42, 40, 38, and 36 Chainring options
  • Cassette Options: 9-36*, 9-42, 10-44, 10-48
  • New Improved Hood Ergonomics
  • Groupset Weight: 2,700g
  • Groupset MSRP: $1,599


Ekar GT is designed to be incredibly versatile, offering a wide-range 1×13 drivetrain with the combination of four cassette options (9-36, 9-42, 10-44,10-48) and five chainrings (44, 42, 40, 38, and the new 36). This extensive range of options enables every cyclist to select the gear ratio that suits their specific adventure and is Campagnolo’s widest gear range.

The new Ekar GT crankset features a much easier chainring swapping method, allowing for quick and easy swaps without the painstaking dismantling of its predecessor.

Zonda GT Quick Hits

  • Weight: 1690gr
  • 23mm internal rim width
  • 29mm deep rim profile
  • Available with N3W, HG, and XDR Freehub Bodies
  • Cup and Cone Bearing Internals
  • MSRP: $749


Zonda GT harkens back to Campagnolo’s roots as developing ultralight, fast spinning wheels, with a unique 8×3 G3 lacing geometry and cup and cone bearings.


See the full launch at Campagnolo.