Calfee Teases a Made in California Carbon 140mm Trail Hardtail


Calfee Teases a Made in California Carbon 140mm Trail Hardtail

Since NAHBS 2020 was canceled, framebuilders are have been announcing new models via their social media outlets. One such company is Calfee, with its made in California new hardtail. We reached out to Calfee to see what this was all about, so check out more info below!

Hey Rich, what is up with this new hardtail you guys leaked out on your Instagram?

Rich from Calfee: The new frame is a universal trail hardtail, 100% made in California like all of our models. It features a fully adjustable headtube angle and correctable seattube angle for a breadth of disciplines from MonsterX, bike-packing, all the way to an aggressive 140mm trail hardtail. We are finalizing the numbers but we have just about settled on a static HT angle that is 67 degrees. It can then be adjusted to be slacker or steeper depending on the fork and discipline.

When will they be available and what makes it so special?

Rich from Calfee: Every one of the numerous test riders that have ridden this bike has immediately asked, “How do I get one?” Calfee is now taking pre-orders for our new hardtail as we complete our prototype phase and move into production. The new model includes features that prove it is a Calfee through and through: handmade in California from the ground-up and tested in the beautiful backwoods of Santa Cruz. An adjustable head-tube angle allows the frame to accommodate different fork rakes and travel. With the multitool in your pack, a single hardtail can be utilized for a breadth of disciplines. A correctable seat-tube angle and bottom bracket drop complement the variable head-tube angle to perfect the ride based on how you, as the rider, decide to set it up. Finally, the hand-molded chainstay/seatstay combination make this frame the most compliant carbon hardtail on the market.

More information about the adjustable features will be released soon. For now, enjoy the sneak peek and remember that we are taking pre-orders so give us a call to learn more.