Burro Bags: Artist Series


Burro Bags: Artist Series


Jack from Burro shot me a link to the new Artist Series gallery on the Burro Flickr and a little background on the project:

“Hey everyone, really excited to share some pics of our latest run of Artist Series bags. The artists really outdid themselves this year as you can tell from the photos. Check out the Flickr set here.

If you don’t remember from previous years, this was our third annual art show featuring messenger bags, 6 pack bags and backpacks designed by local artists (and this year, an out-of-towner, the amazing Hannah Stouffer). The event went really well and we sold several bags the night of. The remaining bags are available now in our online store. Nearly all of the bags are one-offs that will never be seen again, but we plan on recreating a few of the designs throughout the year.”

These came out rad! Perfect gift for the holidays!