Burnt Toast: The Official Afterparty of the Odyssey Texas Toast Jam!


Burnt Toast: The Official Afterparty of the Odyssey Texas Toast Jam!


Darryl Nau is kind of a living legend. The dude is a time capsule from the 80’s, when people shredded the gnar on 30+ lbs bikes and really knew how to party. Leave it to Odyssey to put him in charge of the official Texas Toast afterparty. Come party with Darryl and the rest of the BMX community Saturday night at the Burnt Toast!

Details below!

It is my honor and pleasure to not only be emceeing this years TEXAS TOAST BMX EVENT but more importantly to be partying aside life long friends and riders whom have traveled near and far to take part in BMX history. From the amazing Dirt Jumps to super unique GAUNTLET OF DEATH to this RAGING PARTY the Texas Toast Jam has it all. I look forward to seeing you there along side of Legends like RonW, Dave Voelker, MIKE D, Mat Hoffman and Austin’s Master of ceremonies Santana! Hundreds of other riders and cute girls from Austin will be there.

To say that we have an awesome line up for the BURNT TOAST PARTY is an understatement. Eagle Claw will be thrashing out the metal while the The Texas Roller Girls have a LIVE Roller Derby in the venue! We have so many surprises in store for the night! Be ready to tear it up into the morning hours. Can’t wait to see you at the contest and I look forward to having a drink with you at the party.

All my Energy
Darryl Nau

Federal Bike Presents:
A party by DARRYL NAU and BLACKEN:
BURNT TOAST! – The Official Texas Toast Party

SATURDAY, May 28th 10-2am
Beauty Bar Austin TX
617 East 7th St
Only $5

Google Map

LIVE METAL SHOW!! by EAGLE CLAW! (http://eagleclawhurts.com/)
ROLLER DEMOLITION DERBY by the TEXAS ROLLER GIRLS!! (http://www.texasrollergirls.org/)
LIVE MURAL PAINTING by Artist David Perez
Rock N Roll GO-GO Girls
FEDERAL BIKES VIP GO GO Section (http://www.federalbikes.com/)
Video Premiere by MUTINY BIKES (http:/www.mutinybikes.com)
Huge Dance PARTY W/ DJ ORION (http://djorion.com/)
Screening of classic BMX videos by 2-HIP and S&M Bikes
Tons of product give aways!
Tons of BMX Legends, Pros and Characters!
Master of Ceremonies, Santana!!
The girls of Fast Folks wednesday Austin Rides! (http://fastfolks.com/)
Party Photos and Red Carpet Photo Wall by ULoveI (http://ulovei.com/)