Bruce Gordon Cycles Needs You


Bruce Gordon Cycles Needs You


I received a rather troubling email from Nick at Bruce Gordon Cycles. It seems that after 35 years of building absolutely beautiful bicycles, Bruce and the gang might have to close their doors. The orders have stopped coming in and with no work, they can’t keep their business running. With the economy getting better and more and more people getting into bikes, why not consider them for a custom frame? If you call now, they’ll have you a tig-welded bike in 3-4 weeks. For something nicer, 4-6 weeks. Bruce’s work is impeccable and to see him go through this is saddening. But the good news is, for $1800 you could walk away with a custom Bruce Gordon. Even I’m salivating at that! This is a once in a lifetime deal and one you won’t regret.

Check out more photos and their pricing info below.



Cross season is approaching. Order a custom steel bike in time for the mud and fun! Here’s info from Bruce Gordon’s Blog:

If you call us now to order a handmade TIG-welded frame and fork, your new frame will be shipped in three to four weeks. You can order a touring, cross, road, or mountain bike frame/fork and it will be in your hands within 4-6 weeks.

Here is a basic list of our pricing. Please call for an exact quote based on your needs.

Rock ‘n Road Tour or Tour EX (26” frame) in a standard size = $1600 + S&H

Custom Sized Rock N’ Road = $1850 + S&H

Road, Mountain, Cross = $1800 + S&H