Brooklyn Machine Works: Gangsta Track 2.0 Invasion


Brooklyn Machine Works: Gangsta Track 2.0 Invasion


When Brooklyn Machine Works announced they would be producing the Gangsta 2.0 in Taiwan, a lot of people wondered how that would effect the company. I thought “how the hell are they going to fit all those frames in their space?”. Today I went through to see just how the hell they did just that.

Check out more photos below.


Even their handmade in Brooklyn bicycles are using the boxes to lean up against.


The space is packed. Straight up to the ceiling.


Luckily for them, most of these are going out to stockists and bike shops. A few are staying in Brooklyn, so that the guys can do some custom alterations to the bikes. Want v-brake tabs added? Sure, they can do that. Rack mounts? Sure. Cable stops? Yep. Basically, all the custom modifications that might have put you over budget before are now achievable in house in Brooklyn.

You’ve gotta hand it to BMW. They’re doing something good over there on Powers street. Hit them up to see how you can get a Gangsta Track 2.0 to fit your needs!