Book of Black Earth Lands in Brooklyn


Book of Black Earth Lands in Brooklyn


What most people don’t know about Actual Pain creator TJ Cowgill is that he is also in a brutal metal band. Book of Black Earth stormed into the metal scene in Seattle a bit back with the Feast and their second album, Horoskopus is a worthy follow-up.


They played Union Pool tonight so I headed over after Peel Sessions. Great show and I forgot my earplugs so I’m sure my ears will be ringing well into tomorrow!


If you like what you hear on their Myspace, head over to your local CD shop and buy Horoskopus! It’s hard to get excited about a lot of the metal that’s coming out now, but this album will not disappoint you.

… oh and TJ informed me that Fenriz is doing a mixtape for them. Who’s Fenriz? Well, if you have to ask, then…