Bill Thomsen Speedplay Toe Clip Adapter


Bill Thomsen Speedplay Toe Clip Adapter


When technology jumps forward in one’s lifespan, certain things are forgotten. Back in the 80’s and 90’s track racers rode quill pedals with cleats and straps. With the advent of clipless systems, many abandoned their straps and toe clips for clipless pedals. Speedplay quickly became the pedal system of choice for track racers. Maximum output and speeds often pose dangerous conditions for clipless pedals and that’s why Bill Thomsen, a track racer and furniture craftsman, opted to machine his patented Speedplay Toe Clip Adapter.

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These adapters, covered in depth at Fixed Gear Fever, run $100 and are gauranteed to offer optimum security for sprinters, even when topping out behind a derny. If you want to place an order, email Scott.

Two Tone ATL also has a nice little piece up on how much of a bad-ass Bill Thomsen is. Check it right cheah. Thanks for letting me photograph your pedals homie!