Bike Mag: The Chicken Man


Bike Mag: The Chicken Man

Photo by Brian Vernor

Caché, one of the Golden Saddle Cyclery homies, is a Guatemala native, who grew up in Los Angeles. In this Bike Mag online article, he goes over his past, present, and future of riding and painting. I highly recommend this piece as it points to the importance of accessibility of bikes for inner-city kids! As to why he paints chickens…

“I’d read a book by Carlos Castaneda called ‘The Teachings of Don Juan,’ and he talks about ‘energy vampires’ that feed off our human energy and awareness, saying we’re like chickens being reared for the consumption of others,” Caché explains. “When I first decided to paint the chickens, it was more of an observation of the human condition. We are in our own coops, controlled by worry and fear.”

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