Big Money Hustlaz is Molten Lava


Big Money Hustlaz is Molten Lava


Over the past year, Kareem from Death Pedal and Loose Nuts Cycles got some of the biggest names in fixed freestyle to shoot clips and randomness for a project named Big Money Hustlaz. Don’t let the high-end production artwork fool you, there’s no glamour here, just gritty street riding from everyone’s favorite rippers. Kareem, Torey, Jensen and Tom LaMarche are the headliners but just about everyone’s got clips in there. What I liked the most about the DVD is how each rider’s approach to fixed freestyle is highlighted. There are peg tricks, plenty of firecrackers, big hops, nasty falls and super techy lines. What I’m trying to say is about fucking time. Pick a copy of this DVD up here. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out a collage of some of my favorite clips below!


There’s something very nostalgic about watching these kind of movies, something high-end production can’t capture. Sure, you can do dolly pans and slow mo and treat riding like an art form but fisheye and compression have their place in the scene too. Click that image to enlarge some of the gnarlyness!


There’s even a Swampy hidden feature on the main menu. Kareem, you did a hell of a good job on this one! Everyone go pick this shit up and support grassroots videos!