A First Look at the Bedrock Sandals Cairn 3D Evo


A First Look at the Bedrock Sandals Cairn 3D Evo

Bedrock Sandals have become a mainstay in the cycling world since the brand released the now-famous Cairn sandal line. Launching today, Bedrock expands its growing footwear lineup with the Cairn Evo sandals. Sporting a refined sole with a truer-to-size footbed, there are a variety of small changes amounting to making one of our favorite adventure sandals even better. Spencer Harding recently got his toes in a pair of the Cairn Evos and, below, shares a first look at the 3D Evo and other new releases from Bedrock Sandals…

I’ve evangelized about riding bikes in sandals for over a decade now, starting with Chacos in the late aughts. Then, one of the owners of Bedrock Sandals gave me the sandals off his feet to try on the Baja Divide Grand Depart.  Since that fateful exchange, I’ve never been able to put on a pair of Chacos. But, if you happen to be one of those folks that can’t live without the massively thick soles of Chacos check out the new Cairn Evo C with a new thicker sole available starting today in addition to the new Cairn 3D Evo.

I got a pair of the new Cairn Pro 3d Evos ahead of their release to test out the new improvements. There are a few small but key improvements added to the Evo line:

  • New Evo sizing standard
  • New Evo stitch box on sole hugger wings
  • New 3D footbed has a more mellow toe triangle
  • New Vibram XS TREK EVO outsole on non pro model

Luckily I also had a pair of old Cairn 3D sandals back from a fresh re-sole as a comparison to the new Evo sandals. The differences are small but noticeable. The new sizing standard widens the footbed slightly to make them fit more true to size. To illustrate this point, I have been wearing a size 11 to keep my toes from spilling over the edge of the sandals. In the new Evo, I can wear a size 10, which is my actual shoe size, and not have my toes spill off the footbed. Now, I no longer need to recommend friends size up when snagging a pair of Bedrocks.

The improved stitch box keeps the stitching protected from abrasion and makes the sandals even more long wearing. The only part I’m not super excited about is the mellowing of the toe triangle. What really sold me on the Cairns initially was the toe triangle which allowed my foot to grip the sandal. The toe triangle has never been a comfort issue for me, but it seems it has been for some folks. The mellowing of the triangle hasn’t resulted in a tangible loss of grip nonetheless.

These minor improvements only make a great sandal even better. I spend most of my year in my Cairns and when it’s too cold for them I’m in my Mountain Clogs. With the new Evo line sizing, getting a pair of Cairns is even easier than ever. Snag a pair before your next bike trip!

There is plenty more that Bedrock is releasing today including:

  • Mountain Clog colors
  • New webbing colorways
  • New Evo C line

Check out Bedrock Sandals for all the new sandals!