Beautiful Bicycle: Mark’s Majaco Road Bike


Beautiful Bicycle: Mark’s Majaco Road Bike


While I was at Majaco Bicycles last week, I got Mark to pull out his first road bike that he had built. Coated in a rich, dark purple paint and laced with Dura Ace 7400, this beauty caught my eye the second I got to Mark’s house. It was the first bike Mark built at Yamaguchi’s school and still, to this day, it remains one of his favorites.

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Some say indexed shifting is antiquated and old, but when they’re on a fillet-brazed beauty like this, I’d beg to differ.


The fast back seat stays and external cable routing give this bike clean lines and style and man, that purple is tough to capture just right.


I still think this era of Dura Ace cranks are the best. I’ve got 7403 on my Merckx road bike.


Pulling the chain in the rear is a 6-speed 7400 rear derailleur. 7400 was Dura Ace’s group that was first introduced as 6-speed. Over time, 7400 introduced 7 and finally 8 speed before upgrading to 7410 and eventually becoming 9 speed 7700.


This bike has modern lines and vintage style. So sleek!


And again, that purple just pops! If you missed my Shop Visit to Majaco Bicycles, make sure you check it out! Remember, Mark is down to build you just about any kind of bike, so hit him up!