Beautiful Bicycle: Markee’s Falcon Track


Beautiful Bicycle: Markee’s Falcon Track


The weather has been rather crappy since I’ve been here in Melbourne, save for one or two sunny days. Today, in between the winter rain, I took some photos of Markee’s restored Falcon track bike. You might recognize this bike from the Saint Cloud Shop Visit where I mistakenly assumed it was for sale. Turns out, Markee has been racing this bike at the local ‘drome over the past few weeks. It’s pretty rad to see a vintage steel frame hitting the boards.

Check out more photos of Markee’s Falcon track bike below!


I just love the Falcon script.


I was surprised to see such a nice re-chroming job on the chainstays.


The whole bike is pristine and the Cinelli Pista cockpit is a nice touch.


The red and white just screams!


Especially with the white Turbo.


This bike rules and I’m stoked that it’s being raced and not just being hung from the wall.


Maybe I’ll try to make it out the local velodrome and catch this thing in action. A bike like this wants to move! Check out more photos of this noble steed at my Flickr!