Beautiful Bicycle: Doug’s Gangsta Track


Beautiful Bicycle: Doug’s Gangsta Track


Doug is one of my favorite people in NYC. When he’s not playing polo or taking photos, he’s out delivering food in the neighborhood. Out of all the Gangsta tracks I’ve ever photographed, his is by far the most unique. It went from being a polo-specific bike to a single speed monster and now it’s set up fixed.

Check out more photos of Doug’s Gangsta Track below!


This bike has seen some serious street time.


And I’m digging the incorporation of the SSP cranks.


It makes for one killer drivetrain.


To change things up a bit, I decided to flip it over for the drive-side photo. Doug also runs the Flickr group Driveside Bike Only, so look for this and more in that group. Be sure to check out Hardcourt Bike Polo for Doug’s product reviews and photos.