Beautiful Bicycle: Andy’s Eddy Merckx MX-Leader Road


Beautiful Bicycle: Andy’s Eddy Merckx MX-Leader Road


What’s that? Campy 8 speed-era graphite Croce d’Aune calipers? Surely this bike has to belong to someone “in the know”. Luckily, I’m in the know with the person who’s in the know. Know what I mean? Er… Here’s the noble steed that guided me on Friday down King Lake and through wombat blood with Mr. Track Cunt himself, Andy White.

When we reached the bottom of the range, I stopped to admire the daylight and decided to shoot a few photos of Andy’s gorgeous MX-Leader with modern Campy 10. Check out more below!


Apologies for some of these photos, my camera was soaked in condensation and I could barely see through the view finder but I didn’t wanna just delete them because I absolutely love MX-Leaders. Unlike the MAX Merckx frames, the MX-L has a fork crown lug and a few tweaks to the tubing specs. For a full break-down, check out this old post I put up a while back.


This beaut was covered in mud and soaking wet at the end of our ride. But that Campy 10 just kept shifting fine all day.


The MX-Ls also had nice seatstay caps and the top tube was backwards (well, reversed) when compared to the MAX frames.


That’s what a well-ridden bike should look like. Practical and classy.


Record 10, vintage steel, big bottles, steel stem, Rolls saddle and arse sweat.


Because “Life’s too short to ride shit bikes”.

THANK YOU Andy. I had a blast! Remember kiddies, STEEL IS REAL! Vintage frames look great with modern groups.

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